Stock Control

Stock Control can be defined as an activity of checking and managing the company’s Inventory levels. A good system is important in order to assist the company to manage and control Inventory levels so that the quantity of stock on hand will always be on a healthy level. There are 2 common issues often occurs if inventory does not manage efficiently. Overstocking will tie up the company’s cash flow. Furthermore, it will also affect the company profit as goods need to be disposed or sold off at a discounted price. While under stocking will cause company to lose out on sales opportunities due to insufficient inventory on hand for fulfilling customer orders, thus, the customers will find an alternative to obtain similar products elsewhere.

With an efficient Stock Control system in place, it maximize the company productivity. It also helps the company to minimize the investment on unnecessary head counts.  These factors will lead to cost saving and eventually revenue will be increase.

Stock Control system is not only save  precious time of the staff,  it also saves the company’s money. By having a good system, it does not require to hire a lots of workers thereby it can able to improve company profits.

IA Web Stock Control  not only provides the solution of messy inventory but it also consist of some extraordinary features such as assisting you to recognize your customers, providing you a report on when to restock, and enable you to schedule when you would like to give the promotion price to your customer for the festive season.

IA Web Stock Control also helps you on your business with an up-to-date view of the sales, purchase orders,  goods receipts, real time tracking as well as monitoring of inventory levels.

Easily maintain your stock

Making it easy to use, we provide you valuable module that comes together:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Unique Conversion control panel
  • Comprehensive historical enquiry during transaction
  • Credit Control for credit term and limit
  • Pairing of invoice with credit note
  • Return Management and discount tracking
  • Support multiple Issue Type
  • Dynamic project and location management
  • DN from Purchase Return

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