Service Centre Automation

Customer is the main essential element of business and to maintain current customer is always better than finding a new one. To do so, an excellent level of service is required to ensure a high level customer service quality provide to the customer.

IA Web Service Centre Automation (SCA) is everything you will need in order for your organization to provide a satisfactory customer experience to effectively manage customer issues and tickets, their account and contact information, service contracts and warranty information.

IA Web SCA is also a vital tool for driving more revenue as it uses web technology, IA Web SCA integrates seamlessly with all other IA Web Application modules and helps to improve customer’s satisfaction while lowering service costs

Your best after sales service tool

IA Web SCA provides you with complete after sales service tool to improve customer satisfaction. It allows customers from different location to login remotely and report on the complaints as well as request for the service via internet communication.

  • Real time submission of customer’s issue enable prompt and better customer retention.
  • Able to relates on sales and service, at the same time fulfilling organizations revenue generation.
  • Increase accuracy on customer response while reducing the response time with integrated knowledge based.
  • Keeping track of product warranties to make sure there is no mistakes occur while dealing with customer.
  • Providing real time date delivery directly to your customer service database.

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