Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a tool to automate business processes such as sales performance, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, information sharing, contact management, order processing, employee performance evaluation and etc. It is part of IA Web Applications CRM module but it consists more functions than a conventional CRM system.

IA Web SFA enables you to manage activity of a sales person in sales from creating prospects, follow up sales, right up to customers management for recurring orders. It maintains a centralize prospect master database that allows efficient control over potential leads and opportunities, which might generate profits from different sources.

IA Web SFA  provides your sales team unprecedented visibility into every side of a customer relationship, including support cases as well as integration to office information.
Managers and executives also have a better gain of visibility and control real-time monitoring over their agents’ sales effectiveness and make mid-course corrections.

IA Web SFA also helps business to understand the sales pipelines in terms of sales leads, follow ups and deals closing by providing accurate information such as up-to-date sales revenue, sales personnel performance and customer’s behaviour. These information are crucial to maintain high level of competitiveness in a dynamic business environment.

Turn Prospects Into Customers

Understanding your prospect's preference is the key thing. All can be done in SFA.

  • Schedule Management
  • Opportunity and Prospecting ManagementContact Us Footer Banner
  • Contact Management
  • Potential and Priority Management
  • Knowledge Based Management
  • Source and Reference Analysis

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