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We believe that fastest way of growing the sales of a company is to grow customer references from existing customers. There are area number of key performance indexes setup for all support personnel which main goal of the team is to be passionate for providing excellent services in order to earn lifetime loyalty to gain customers’ references.

We provide routine training to support personnel in term of hard as well as soft skill. Under our business model, there are a few layers of customer services which consist of the distributors, sub-dealers and end-users.The details will only be applicable and publish to our business partners.

Our service team use computerized IA Web CRM-Service Centre Automation system to trace the submission of each support case. The system allows frontline (first level) support personnel to response promptly on each submitted case and make the business processes more organize to attends on case which is urgent. Reporting on the status, pending duration and root causes are recorded and generate from the system so that customers would be able to trace the case belongs to them via internet.


Post-Sales Implementation Methodology

One of the successful system live-run is contributed by product stability and the other part is contributed by services which provided by the vendor. Besides servicing of those support issues, system implementation processes which also consider very tedious in the beginning phrase as it plays important role to define overall users experience.

In order to optimize the benefits out of the system, IA has design an implementation processes through Rapid & Value Implementation Methodology (RVIM). There are 3 methodologies being developed to cater for basic entry, medium and modification environment.

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