Intelligent Analysis Tool

IA Web Intelligent Analysis Tool is a suite of business data analytics tools to allow users who are not well-versed in Business Intelligence (BI) tools to quickly and easily slice and dice data, develop data models, pivots and graphs for analyzing the company’s sales performance, expenses, commitments and financial positions.

IA Web Intelligent Analysis Tool is a technology designed for all types of users. It provides access for those critical information on a real time basis. By having simple analysis towards your data, you will have a clear visibility on those critical information that will empower you to overcome your business difficulties. Reports such as detailed profit and loss balance, balance sheets and inventory stock level reports can be generated in just a seconds.

Analyze Report in a blink of an eye

IA Web Intelligent Analysis Tool is a best web-based business application which offering a truly integrated solution for dynamic business environment.

  • Drag & Drop capability
  • Chart & Graph analysis
  • Export to cross platform (xls, pdf, rtf & etc)
  • Powerful matrix presentation
  • Dynamic financial analysis
  • Dashboard display management

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