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Company Introduction

Inter Application (IA) is associate with entity set up to assist the business growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and moving business ahead with affordable web business application. The key agenda of the organisation is to setup the association of multiple development and consulting teams which consist of common goals in making web business application with best in value yet affordable, work generally and widespread to local and international SMEs.

IA brings the concept which allows you to work anywhere via web according to  your time convenience. The existence of IA is to create an innovative creation to effective working environment. The system adds value on top of traditional way and enhances the communication between businesses from different locations.


In conjunction with the tagline of ‘Moving Business Ahead’, the original vision of Inter Application is to move every SME ahead with affordable web technology.


There are 2 responsibilities that always brings along by the heart with IA persons:

  • To well equip small and medium enterprises with affordable low cost web technology advancement, add value beyond traditional business application in order to allow them to stay competitive in today’s internet era.
  • Assist software operators who do not have their own product that allow them to control the growing path by having own strategy based on industrial strengths.

Our Value

In order to achieve our vision and missions, IA persons are adhering to the following behavioural guideline:

  • Passion for Excellence, open to treat the best idea and most effective way as a mentor, regardless of its source, stay away from personal label  all the best way is IA way.
  • Never let the missional debate’s conflicts get in the way of doing what is the right for all parties, personally.
  • Always results driven when decide for what is the most important thing which needs to be prioritized, take the immediate action with first thing first.
  • Maintain your professionalism with feedback culture, provide prompt status update for the progress and the completion of each task to internal and external customers.
  • For person, we treat customers the way we would want to be treated. For value, we treat other’s investment the way we would want our own investment to be treated.

Market Positioning

Distinguish from most tier-3 solution providers,IA is focusing on front-end solutions which cater for specific needs across the tier-2 requirements. The generic back-end such as accounting system will only be part of the total solution.

The targeted market segments mainly focus on the growth of SMEs that encountered difficulties in cater for the expanding of operation routines and heavy workloads which have outgrown on the capacity of existing system.

With the strength of fully and truly web business application, the IA Tool is specifically designed for personnel in all management levels to gather information remotely from anywhere. Managers will able to analyse business performance at any point of time and response promptly in whatever changes in business environment.

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